The Hourglass is half full

in which i edit the avengers (4/7) → clint barton/hawkeye.

Neglected my tumblr the last few months as not much avengers or hero films have actually caught my attention, of course there has been the Batman news that I have shared on facebook but it hasn’t really been anything big. Id like to redeem myself first with a dream. I have all sorts of crazy dreams but I never note them down so tumblr will be a great place to do that. Here we go.

Crazy Dream 1

The dream starts with a long and grey road, the houses are three stories high and fairly old looking, I turned to Phil and said ” I forgot which door is mine”, as we continued down the road it felt like we were in the early 1940’s. Suddenly a gun fight between a few people takes over the street, people hiding behind walls trying to avoid being injured, I was one of those people for the time being.

Five of the men included in the gun fight have grey third reich clothing on and walk straight past the porch which I had taken shelter in. I hear a bang and a crowd gather round which I take advantage of becoming part of, these people looked like old towns folk id see in films when an execution would take place.

Out of the smokey door, two “nazi” men drag my brother out and stand him infront of the crown, linking his arms so he cant escape. A leader of this group starts shouting gibberish at my brother as a small, grey old lady with dirt on her face cries and links my brother for comfort.

A man out of the crowd gets a huge bat and hits my brother a few times, he was shouting and when he turned and looked to the crowd I noticed it was my stepdad. Me feeling helpless just had to watch, out of nowhere the “nazi” men turn and start beating my brother to a pulp.

The leader pulls out a pistol and aims it at my brother head, this is the moment in the dream where I always seem to do the heroic thing and save him, I ran through the crowd and hit a “nazi” who had a bat. I stole the bat and quickly hit the leader with the gun and dived to take it from him. The crowd in horror started to flee and confused the other “nazi’s” into what was happening.

I managed to turn the gun on the leader, shooting him through the head; another “nazi” turned and came towards me at a fast pace. I shot him then stood up and quickly shot the other “nazis”.

That was the dream :) the worst thing is I have these dreams regular where I get put in a helpless and impossible situation to save someone close to me yet I end up obtaining impossible powers and helping these people in extremely exaggerated ways. 

I blame movies, too many times when I watch films and relate but think, if I could do this or I could do that. Plus it shows that when everything seems like it will end then I seem to still have the courage to fight my way through.


Captain America, Black Widow, and Hawkeye storm the set of The Avengers!


Greatest Detectives
                    by OrangeBox01


Greatest Detectives

                    by OrangeBox01